UTP Cat5 Network Cable – Ethernet Cables

utp cat5 network cable
Product Name: UTP Cat5 Network Cable
Mode: UTP Cat 5e lan cable
Conductor Size: 28AWG,26AWG,24AWG,23AWG,22AWG
Conductor Material: BC/CU/CCA
No.of Conductor: 4P
Insulation Material: PE , HDPE
Jacket: PVC, ROHS PVC,
Shield: Single shielded twisted pairs: AL/Mylar
Indoor/Outdoor: Single Jacket
Insulation Thickness: 0.2mm
Jacket Thickness: 0.92-0.95mm
Stretching Resistance: (max)250N
Impedance: 100±15%Ω at 1~100MHz
DC Resistance Imbalance: 2.50%
Working Capacitance(Max.): 5.4nF/100m
Insulation Resistance: 10000MΩ.km
Transmission Velocity: 72%
Operating Temperature: -40 °C – +70 °C
UTP Cat5 Network Cable. Best Buy has a large selection of ethernet, USB, cat 5 or cat 6 cables to get yournetwork connected. Cables are available in many lengths.

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