Rg59 with Power – CCTV Cables

Product Name: Coaxial cable with solid polyethylene insulation
Center conductor: O. F. C naked copper wire (BC)
Insulation: PE solid core
External conductor (shielding): 1)longitudinally wrap aluminum foil
2)Tinned O. F. C naked copper wire (BC)
Jacket: Black PVC
The operating temperature range: -40º C~70º C
Package: 20m/roll or as your requirement

Product application:
Used for video monitoring lines, meeting video and other electronic circuit, constructing the engineering decoration signal transmission, audio-visual equipment connection as well as other electronic devices, RF signal transmission.

Product Name: Copper cored flexible cable with PVC insulation and Jacket
Center conductor: Bunch-stranded conductors
Insulation: PVC insulation
Jacket: PVC jacket
Operating temperature: -15º C~70º C
Package: 20m/roll or as your requirement.
Product application:
This cable is applied for the connection for movable electric appliances and instruments as power supply at the AC rated voltage Uo/U as 300/500V or below. The permanent operating temperature of cables is between -15º C and 70º C, with laying temperature not lower than 0º C, and particular operating temperature can be tailor-made.

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