CAT6 Cable – Ethernet Cables for CCTV

CAT6 UTP: 4 * 2 * AWG CAT6 cable to support Gigabit Ethernet protocol for installation in horizontal and backbone areas.

Product Performance:

Name: CAT6 Cable
Conductor: 23AWG Plain Annealed
Copper Wire
Insulation: Polyolefin (HDPE)
Diameter: 1.00 -1.02mm Nominal
Pair: 2 of the above cores
Pair Color: Blue-White/Blue, Orange-White/Orange, Green-White/Green, Brown-White/Brown
Final Assembly
Cable: 4 of the above pairs cabled together around a cross fill
Sheath: PVC or LSHF compound

Mechanical and Environmental
Temp-Installation: 0 degree to + 50 degree
Temp-Operation: -20 degree to + 75 degree
Max Tensile Load: 10kg per simplex cable(installation)
Min Bend Radius: 8 * Outer Diameter (installation), 4 * Outer Diameter (operation)

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