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UTP With Power Cable – UTP Cable


Product DescriptionApplicationsProduct Electrical CharacteristicsSend Inquiry Product Name: UTP With Power Cable 1) UTP Cat5e Cable With Power 2) 4*2*0.5BC+0.9HDPE+5.1PVC+2*(24*0.15BC+2.0HDPE)+5.6PVC Lan Cable Cat5e+Power Cable Specifcation: 4*2*0.5BC+0.9HDPE+5.1PVC+2*(24*0.15BC+2.0HDPE)+5.6PVC Feature: UTP with Power Cable High performance ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B compliant Category 5 UTP cables for mission critical LAN applications or Structured Cabling Systems at affordable prices. 10Base T(IEEE 802.3) 100Base T(IEEE…